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Medical computer software for Echocardiography

Today such programs as Stress Browser, TEE Browser and TTE Browser are very important and helpful for every person who is in the close connection with the Echocardiography. We mean doctors who work in this sphere. These programs present software for making the analyses of the results of Echocardiography, for making the formation of the Echocardiography Report and for archiving them in a Database.



Medical calculator software

Do you know what the body surface area which has the abbreviation like BSA means? Have you ever heard anything about it? We should say that it is quite necessary to learn some information about it because the BSA is a serious thing which is used in such spheres as in medicine and in physiology which take one of the most important places of all the other areas of our life. The BSA is the precise measurement which can be helpful for any work which is closely associated with the work of a human body. That is why it is used in many medical tasks. For example, the cardiac index is a measure of cardiac output divided by the BSA, giving a better approximation of the required cardiac output.




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