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Medical software for patients

Do you check your blood pressure at home? Do you have any special equipment to be able to do it at home by yourselves? Unfortunately, nearly all the people who have the problems with their blood pressure do not have it. They just decide to go to hospital if they feel that something wrong with them. They go to doctor as they are sure that doctors can define their blood pressure and that they will treat them if there is really something wrong inside them. And they really will, but not in all cases.

Do you know what consequences because of the problems with the blood pressure can appear? What diseases these problems can lead you to?

Nowadays arterial hypertension is one of the most widespread illnesses in the world which people suffer from. But in most cases when people have such a disease, they really do not know about it because they have never had it before. And that is why they do not have any information about this sickness. They begin to understand that they are ill only when heavy complications such as myocardial infarction, insult, renal insufficiency start to appear. And they can result in disability and even death. Unfortunately only these complications make ill persons to go to hospital and to consult a doctor. Very often they may be late as in this period treatment becomes rather difficult. And sometimes it does not really work.

You should realize that, of course, you can do to hospital o make some measurements. But your single walking to hospital to measure the blood pressure will not able to tell you the full information about the fact if you are sick or not. Because the blood pressure changes several times a day and it depends on a big number of factors.

It goes without saying that if people are able to discover that they have the Arterial hypertension much earlier, adequate medication will prevent the disease from distributing and it will help people to recover quickly. But how can they find out that they have the Arterial hypertension or not? Is it possible to learn about it at the early stage?

We want to say that they can do it. Now people can check and control their blood pressure at home themselves. We have created new software which will certainly become their helpmate.

The Blood Pressure Browser is a program designed for self-assessment of the blood pressure at home. If you use this software, it will guarantee you good health and wellbeing. You just have to monitor your blood pressure with the Blood Pressure Browser.

It is not really difficult to use the Blood Pressure Browser. You just should examine your blood pressure two times a day during one week and then add the results into an electronic database. And some minutes later thanks to automatic analysis and diagnostics recommendations for you will be shown on the display. If it is necessary you may continue the monitoring. All the other people as your relatives, friends and colleagues can also use our program.

Don’t forget that the only thing that you need is to have the Blood Pressure Browser.


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