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       Using of Stress Browser
             The beginning of work
             Addition of new record in the database
             Removal of records from the database
             Print of the conclusion on examination
             Report on the executed examinations
             Addition (deletion, editing) the Name of the doctor
             Addition (deletion, editing) the diagnosis
             Addition (deletion, editing) the purpose of examination
             Addition (deletion, editing) the stressor
       Windows of Stress Browser
             Window "Reports"
             Window "Search"
             Window "Myocardial segments and their coronary artery blood supply"
             Window "Myocardial Segments"
             Windows "Analysis of wall motion. Stage..."
             Windows "List of the Physicians"
             Window "List of the Stressors"
             Window "List of the purposes of examination"
             Window "List of the Diagnoses"
             Window "Editing of the lists"
             Window "Patients"
                   Window "Patients"
                   Command buttons in a window "Patients"
                   Data fields of the window "Patients"

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