Data fields of the window "Patients"

Field "Stress Echocardiography N " the number of the examination.


Field image\stre0020.gif the date of the examination.


Field "Name" the Name of the patient.


Field "Weight " the weight of the patient.


Field "Height" the height of the patient.


Field "BP" the blood pressure before the examination.


Field "Department" the number (name) of department in which there is the patient


Field "Medical card N" the number of Medical card of the patient


Field "Sex" the sex of the patient.


Field "Age" the age of the patient.


Field "Diagnosis" the diagnosis of basic disease (Coronary heart disease, Essential hypertension etc). Choose a diagnosis from the list.




Field "Purpose" the purpose of the examination (myocardial ischemia, assessment of myocardial viability etc). Choose the purpose from the list.




Field "Stressor" The stressor that was used at stress (echocardiography medicament, exercise etc). Choose the stressor from the list.



Field "Exercise ECG test:" the results of the exercise ECG test.


Field "Coronarography" the results of coronary arteriography.


Field "Rest" the findings at the echocardiography and the ECG in rest.


Field "Comments of Stress Echocardiography" the description and comments to the examination.


Field "Interpretation" the Interpretation and conclusion on the examination.


It is necessary to click on the appropriate button to select positive or negative result of the test



Fields "Physician" The names of physicians. Choose the name from the list. If in your clinic the Stress Echocardiography will be carried out by one doctor, first is filled only (posed above) field.



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